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If you’re thinking of coming to Exeter College there are many ways to travel to us, and all of our sites are easily accessible by train, bus, bike, car or on foot, depending where you’re travelling from. In fact, over 66% of our students travel from outside of Exeter.

To make travel easier we offer an Exeter College subsidised Travel Pass scheme, which you may be eligible for. There’s more information about this below on this page.

You may also want to look at the 16-17 Saver card from National Rail. There are more details below and on their website.

Exeter College Maths and Science Centre on Queen Street, Exeter

National Rail 16-17 Saver

If you’re 16 or 17 you are also eligible to apply for a National Rail 16-17 Saver card.

The card costs £30 and entitles you to 50% off most rail tickets. This could be a great option from some stations and can give you the chance to save event more.

You can find out more by clicking here. 


Who is eligible for the Exeter College Travel Pass?

You are eligible for the Exeter College subsidised Travel Scheme if:

  • You will be over 16 and under 19 on the 1st September
  • You will be studying on a full time course
  • You live more than 3 miles from Exeter College

How the Travel Pass scheme works

If you meet the above criteria you will be sent information on the travel scheme in June, this comes out as an email to both the applying student and the first next of kin. Your email will contain instructions on what to do next, and a personal travel reference. Please make sure you keep your unique code in a safe place as you will need to enter it along with your postcode when ordering your travel pass online.

If you are interested in the subsidised travel schemes, satisfy the above criteria and have not heard from us by the end of June please contact the Exeter College Travel Team on 01392 400100. While our subsidised travel scheme helps over two-thousand Exeter College students get to and from college every year, please note that students/guardians are under no obligation to purchase a travel pass should they wish to make their own transport arrangements.

Please ensure you have your college ID on you when collecting your Travel Pass.

Read our Terms and Conditions

What travel passes are available and how much do they cost?

The Exeter College travel scheme offers subsidised travel by either bus or rail. If you choose the Exeter College Travel Pass you have the following options to choose from.

1. Travel by Stagecoach Bus

Exeter College has partnered with Stagecoach to provide subsidised bus travel for eligible Exeter College students. Students who meet the above criteria are entitled to purchase a Stagecoach Termrider at a significantly reduced rate.

A Stagecoach Termrider allows for unrestricted travel on Stagecoach services within a designated area of Devon for the entire college term, including weekends and holidays*. The price of your ticket depends on which of three zones you’re travelling within. The zone your ticket covers will be assigned based on your post code. The boundaries of these zones can be found here:

Below are the prices for each zone, for the academic year 2019/20, with and without the Exeter College subsidy:

Zone Ticket Regular Price Exeter College Subsidised Price
1 Termrider £160 £136
2 Termrider Plus £237 £202
3 Termrider Gold £324 £221

Please note that Termriders are issued on a StagecoachSmart travel card, which you will be required to order for an additional fee of £1. To order your subsidised Termrider, click here.

Stagecoach’s terms and conditions can be found here.

*Excludes August.

2. Travel by Rail and non-Stagecoach Bus Services (Country Bus, Dartline)

The Travel Scheme also offers subsidised travel by train and public bus services not operated by Stagecoach (e.g. Country Bus and Dartline).

Prices charged 19/20

The contribution you pay towards the cost of a subsidised travel pass for 2019/20 is £629. If you choose to pay termly the total cost of the pass is £659 which includes a £30 admin fee for paying by instalments: Term 1 Autumn £230 (including £10 admin fee), Term 2 Spring £230 (including £10 admin fee) and Term 3 Summer £199 (including £10 admin fee).

Please note that subsidised travel by train and on non-Stagecoach buses is only permitted on a specific route, which you will be asked to specify. You will need to make arrangements to get yourself to your chosen train station.

To order subsidised train passes and bus passes for public services not operated by Stagecoach, click here.

3. Travel by Dedicated College Bus Service

Exeter College also runs a dedicated private transport service for students travelling from Great Torrington and South Molton (the timetables for which are available here: Click here

The contribution you pay towards the cost of the designated bus service for 2019/20 is £567. If you choose to pay termly the total cost of the pass is £597 which includes a £30 admin fee for paying by three termly installments of £199 (including a £10 admin fee).

Please note that travel on these services is limited to weekdays during term time. You will need to make arrangements to get yourself to your chosen pickup point.

To order subsidised travel via one of our dedicated bus services, click here.

Help towards the cost of travel

Important Information for Bursary Applicants

Travel pass orders and applications for financial support are separate and distinct applications, as their eligibility criteria differ. If you think you might be eligible for bursary funding to cover some or all of the cost of your travel pass please:

Complete a separate bursary application (applications for 2018-19 are available here) and apply for a travel pass using the link above. The eligibility criteria for the college bursary can be found here.

If your bursary application is successful, funding will be applied to your online travel order form.

Please note that bursary applications must be approved prior to travel being purchased

For more information please contact the Exeter College Bursary Team on 01392 400526 or

Find out more

For more information you can contact the College Travel Scheme hotline:
Telephone: 01392 400100

Read our Terms and Conditions

Other useful telephone numbers:

Education/Transport Offices
Devon County Council: 0845 155 1019
Torbay Council: (01803) 208242
Plymouth City Council: (01752) 308770
Somerset County Council: (0845) 3459155

Your Feedback

We’d very much like to have your feedback about our Travel Pass service. If you have feedback, please do let us know by emailing