The Adult Advice Hub

Our Adult Learning Hub can answer your questions during the application stage as well as whilst you are studying as a university level student. They can help you whether you need course advice, information on how to apply or want to know more about student life or financial support. Our Adult Learning Advisers can also give you a tour of the campus if you are thinking of applying to the College.

Contact our Adult Advice Hub now with any questions you might have about Adult Learning and Higher Technical Education with Exeter College. The Hub is open 9am-9pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-4pm Friday. We are open term time for bookable appointments and drop-ins and also offer bookable appointments in the College holidays. To book an appointment online please click here or email or call 01392 400170.

Meet the Adult Advice Team: Laura Smedley - Adult Learning and Higher Education Advice Lead Kat Toomey – Adult Student Experience Lead Lisa Newton – Adult and Student Experience Advisor Becki Read – Adult and Student Experience Advisor