Exeter College Travel Support Scheme for 16-18 Full Time Learners 

We don’t want the cost of travel to be a barrier to you accessing an outstanding education. All full time 16-18 learners who live more than 3 miles from College can access subsidised travel passes for buses and/or trains regardless of household income. However, we know that the cost of living crisis is particularly impacting lower income families in Devon, so Exeter College has increased it’s investment in supporting travel costs for eligible students starting courses in September 2023. The new levels of support will now offer extra travel subsidies to households with an income below £50k per year. This means that travelling to Exeter College might cost much less than you think (and will be completely free of charge for some households). See below for how much a train or bus pass will cost in the next academic year: 2023/24.

Click on your relevant household income below to take you to the correct application form.

Student Rail Ticket

You can choose to pay via one yearly payment OR pay termly as laid out below.

Household income£50k+£40k-50k£30k-40k£30k and below
Annual price (or pay by term as per below)£693.00£543.00£243.00Free travel
Term 1£263.00£213.00£113.00Free travel
Term 2£263.00£213.00£113.00Free travel
Term 3£197.00£147.00£47.00Free travel

Stagecoach Termrider Bus Tickets

Household income£50k+£40k-50k£30k-40k£30k and below
Exeter Termrider Autumn£186.15£136.15£36.15Free travel*
Exeter Termrider Spring£186.15£136.15£36.15Free travel*
Exeter Termrider Summer£186.15£136.15£36.15Free travel*
Exeter Plus Termrider Autumn£271.15£221.15£121.15Free travel*
Exeter Plus Termrider Spring£271.15£221.15£121.15Free travel*
Exeter Plus Termrider Summer£271.15£221.15£121.15Free travel*
South West Gold Termrider Autumn£292.50£242.50£142.50Free travel*
South West Gold Termrider Spring£292.50£242.50£142.50Free travel*
South West Gold Termrider Summer£292.50£242.50£142.50Free travel*

*Please note that Termriders are issued on a Stagecoach Smart travel card, which you will be required to order for an additional fee of £1.

Who is eligible for the Travel Pass Scheme? 

You are eligible for the Exeter College subsidised Travel Scheme if: 

  • You will be over 16 and under 19 on the 1st September 2023 
  • You will be studying on a full time course 
  • You live more than 3 miles from Exeter College 

Contact Us 


For more information you can contact the College Travel Scheme hotline: 
Telephone: 01392 400100 
Email: travelscheme@exe-coll.ac.uk 


If you think you might be eligible for further financial support and want to apply, you can contact Exeter College’s Bursary Advisers on 01392 400526.