eduroam at Exeter College

eduroam is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community with the UK’s national infrastructure provided by the Joint Academic Network, JANET), a list of participating Institutions is published here.

The service will soon be available for use at all of Exeter College’s campuses and sites.

To use this service:

For Exeter College Account holders:

Exeter College users access the service by choosing the eduroam SSID/network from their chosen device and provide their Exeter College username and password in the form:

  • My-Exeter-College-Password

Remember, no matter from which institution you are connecting, your username should always end in or you will not be able to connect.

To configure your device’s wireless settings yourself set the following security options:

Security Setting: WPA2 Enterprise
Phase 2 AuthenticationMSCHAPv2


  • Click here for the Connect to Eduroam Using Windows 7 guide
  • Click here for the Connect to Eduroam using Windows 8 (laptop and tablet) guide
  • Click here for the Connect to Eduroam Using ipod touch, iPad or iPhone guide
  • Click here for the Connect to Eduroam using Android 4.1 guide

Alternatively, support for Exeter College users can be reached at or on 01392 400507.

Visiting Users

For Visitors with Accounts at Another Instituion:

Visitors from other patricipating institutions can access this service using their home institution’s username and password with support being available from their home institution’s support service. Please remember your account details must always end with your institutions domain name details in the form: