COVID-19 testing for Exeter College Students

This page is intended for the use of Exeter College students who will be offered Coronavirus testing on return to the College site.

If you are a student with Exeter College, you should now have received an email detailing the testing process, including information on our current on-site Coronavirus learning guidance.

Once you’ve read all of the information available on this page, if you have any further questions, please use the

How the test is carried out

Learners are now self-testing for Covid-19 at home. Learners should take a test on a Sunday and Wednesday night each week. The self-test is quick and easy, involving a throat and nose swab. Results take around 30 minutes and will pick up if you might be carrying the virus without any symptoms. Everyone can take the test, including those who may have been vaccinated. However, if you have had Covid-19 in the last three months (90 days) you should not take the test as it is likely to give you a false positive result.

To help you settle into your regular self-testing routine we have created a quick step-by-step college guide, as well as sharing other useful guidance and resources on the Self-Testing page here. We will keep this information ready and available for you on the Student Hub so that you can remind yourself whenever you need to of how to use the test accurately, and how to log your results.