Forensic Linguistics – Extend Option

Forensic Linguistics – Extend Option

Please note: This course is one of our Extend Options designed to be combined with other A Level programmes or BTEC Extended Certificate courses to make up a full timetable. If you are planning to study an A Level programme at Exeter College you will need to enrol on a four element programme, and cannot apply for this course on it’s own.

Why do this course?

Forensic Linguistics will beneficial if you are studying English Language, as it is an essential element of investigation for language analysis and presenting language as evidence. Forensic Linguistics will also be of interest if you are studying English Literatue, as narrative structure and analysing evidence is a key component of literary study. Sociolinguistics is intrinsic for Forensic Linguistics and this topic will appeal to students studying Sociology where background information and societal factors construct an image of both perpetrators and victims. Forensic Linguistics will also be useful if you study Law, as the topic deals with the language of the legal process including courtroom discourse, police interviews and methodological approaches to presenting evidence.

What will it involve?

Forensic Linguistics takes a look at language as evidence and will cover key topics such as police interviews, trial discourse, forensic phonetics and authorship attribution. You will have the opportunity to study one of the fastest growing areas of both police investigation and academic study for students of English Language. This will develop critical thinking skills and analytical skills, supported by real world examples of investigations. This will enhance your understanding and widen your perspective of your A Level focus and will complement many elements of your academic course.

Topics include:

Term 1:
– Language of the Legal Process Critical and Theoretical Approaches to Language in Legal Settings
– The Language of the Law
– Police Interviewing
– Trial Discourse

Term 2:
– Language as Evidence
– The Forensic Linguist
– Forensic Phonetics
– Authorship Attribution
– Textual Borrowing
– The Linguist as Expert Witness

In each session an area of research will be investigated and you will engage in a number of activities to check on learning and demonstrate progress in the subject. You will work towards a presentation as a final outcome to study. You will select an area of Forensic Linguistics to research and present in the context of real world examples.

  • Course Type School Leaver
  • Subject Area Humanities
  • Qualification Extend 🧩
  • Study Mode: Full Time Only
  • Course Level Level 3
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