Ancient Worlds – Extend Option

Please note: This course is one of our Extend Options designed to be combined with other A Level programmes or BTEC Extended Certificate courses to make up a full timetable. If you are planning to study an A Level programme at Exeter College you will need to enrol on a four element programme, and cannot apply for this course on it’s own.

Why do this course?

This course is for you if you are interested in aspects of the ancient past, as well as its cultural legacy.

What will it involve?

This Extend option will involve looking at a selection of aspects of the Ancient World, that could vary from Greek Theatre to the various myths from diverse cultures in the Ancient world. You will look at how these may have influenced our world and our politics and society today. It could also involve looking at the way in which museums and other heritage sites portray the past.

We will also examine ancient languages such as Linear B, Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient Greek and Latin and how they were used in both written and spoken form. Exploring how these languages have influenced thought and culture through the ages. Finally, we will examine the continuing legacy of antiquity and how its art, philosophy, mythology and literature have permeated Western thought and culture.

How might it help in the future?

The wide and diverse subjects encompassed by this course lend themselves to supporting a wide range of other subjects, as well as being a stand-alone module in its own right. The skills and knowledge acquired through the study of antiquity are highly transferable to other areas and students emerge with the ability to deal with precise details and the sense of perspective that comes from the study of such a long and broad sweep of history and culture.

  • Course Type School Leaver
  • Subject Area Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Qualification Extend 🧩
  • Study Mode: Full Time Only
  • Course Level Level 3
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