Student Exam Advice Bulletin

The Exams Office would like to wish you every success with your upcoming examinations and would like to remind you to:

  • Read your timetable carefully

Examinations are nationally set so if you miss the exam there will not be another opportunity this summer to sit it which will affect your qualification.

  • Be punctual

You must arrive in plenty of time for your examination. If you arrive after 10am for a morning exam or 2.30pm for an afternoon exam it is very likely the exam board will not mark your paper, therefore you would not receive an overall grade.

  • Be aware of any exam clashes

If you have two or more exams scheduled at the same time we will contact you soon regarding the arrangements for your exams. It is vital that you attend at the time and location specified in your clash letter.

  • Be prepared

Please bring with you everything you will need including photographic identification, a black pen, and any other necessary stationery or equipment. You may bring a bottle of water with the label removed but no other food or drink will be permitted during the exam.

  • Leave your mobile phone/smartwatch at home

A ringing telephone during an examination is classed as malpractice and will be reported to the awarding body. If you are found to have a mobile telephone/smartwatch on your person during the exam this could result in disqualification.

Check out this video about no mobile phones in exams.

  • Remember to place your wristwatch on your desk

New regulations this year mean that it is no longer permissible to wear a wristwatch during exams, you may take it in but it must be placed on your desk.

  • Complete your details accurately

Complete your name on the exam paper/answer booklet exactly as it appears on your desk card – this is the name you have been registered with so it’s essential you do not give any alternative names.

  • Wait until the exam begins before starting to write

This includes making any notes at all on your paper, desk card or hand. Any such notes could be seen as unauthorised material and reported to the exam board. All plans and rough notes must be made in your question paper/answer booklet. Make sure you finish writing when instructed to at the end of the exam.

  • Respect examination conditions

Please remember that you will be in exam conditions from when you enter the exam room until when you leave. Please do not disrupt others, and also please remember that students will be sitting exams in various locations across the college throughout May and June – be considerate to your fellow students.

If you have any questions please visit the Exams Office on the first floor of the Tower Building, Hele Road or contact us on 01392 400477/691/685.