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How it works - Information for Parents

Exeter College works with its partner WisePay to provide a public website where students and parents can pay online for trips, course materials, travel passes and other fees.
An account is created automatically on the WisePay website for every student.
When students want to pay for college activities online for the first time, the student should access the WisePay site, using their student college ICT account, by following the link from the college portal.
If you, as a parent, guardian, partner etc., are going to make payments on the student’s behalf, then our advice is that you set up sole access of the WisePay account. This can be easily achieved as follows:

  • The student should log on to the college portal (accessed from outside the college via the log in section of the website and entering their college username and password) in the presence of the person who will pay
  • From the portal, follow the Online Payments link
  • Then follow the link to the WisePay website
  • Then click on Change Your Password
  • You (parent, guardian etc.) will then be able to set a new username (using your own email address) and set a password of your choice for the WisePay account. This will ensure that you, as parent, guardian etc. have sole and easy access to the payment account. The student will not be able to access the account via their college password.
  • This approach means that the person who is paying can choose who controls the WisePay account.

Support resources

  • For queries relating to trips, materials etc. please contact the relevant faculty coordinator.
  • For queries relating to travel pass payments, please contact or phone 01392 400 319

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