Important Dates for Returning Students

Dates for your diary

  • 15th August – AS level Results Day in the CCI building 8am – 1pm (including internal year 1 exam results)
  • 22nd August – you will be contacted by your 1st year tutor to discuss your results. If you need any support an appointment will be made for you on Friday August 23rd 9am – 11am.
  • 2nd September – please check your college email for a message from your second year tutor with details of arrangements for 4th September.
  • 4th September – Year 2 induction day, including prebooked 1:1’s with your second year tutor.
  • 9th September – teaching starts at 9am or as stated on your timetable

Results day advice and guidance

Don’t forget to stop by the Advice Zone on Results Day if you need any progression support and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Where can I get help or advice on results day?
A If you need any advice about your results there will be an Advice Zone on the day in the CCI building. Don’t forget, your 1st year tutor will also telephone you on Thursday August 22nd to discuss your results with you and to provide support.

Q What happens if I don’t get the results I need for my 2nd year courses?
A Don’t panic, remember your 1st year tutor will be in touch on Thursday August 22nd, and you will be invited in to discuss this on the morning of Friday August 23rd or alternatively, you can speak with a member of staff in the Advice Zone on results day.

Q When will I get my new timetable?
A You will receive your new timetable from your 2nd year tutor on Wednesday September 4th in your group tutorial.

Q How will I know if my tutor has changed?
A Between August 22nd and September 2nd you can contact your 1st year tutor with any queries you might have about your courses or results. You will also need to log on to your college email on Monday September 2nd as your 2nd year tutor will have sent you a welcome back message.

Q My career plans have changed significantly, and I might need to consider different courses at A Level. What do I do?
A Students are expected to continue with their chosen programme but in exceptional circumstances when your current courses no longer enable you to proceed to a specific career area, your tutor can advise on the options available.

Q Can I re-take my 1st year course if I am unhappy with my results?
A No, it isn’t possible to retake a 1st year course.

Q How can I change from an 1st year A Level course to a BTEC or UAL course?
A If you are considering changing from a 1st year A Level course to a BTEC course based on your 1st year results, it is important you make contact with your 1st year tutor to arrange an appointment when they call you on Thursday August 22nd

Q What shall I do if I am logged out of my email?
A To view the latest information on how to reset your password, please visit the college website here.