Students work celebrated at AS and BTEC Awards

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Date: Tuesday 11 July 2017

July is a month full of celebrations for the college. Many faculties take this opportunity to congratulate and celebrate the hard work of all their students. One of the highlights of these events is the AS and BTEC Awards. For students just completing their first year, this is an excellent way to recognise their hard work.

This year’s guest speaker was Joseph McShane, an alumni of Exeter College and ISCA, who has just completed his degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University. He talked about his experiences of university and how to stand out from the crowd. His advice to students to get the most from their studies was to “Be argumentative, be interested and to integrate.”

Congratulations to this year’s award winners, we look forward to welcoming you back to college for the autumn term.

Award Winners 2017

Maths and Science

Academic Excellence - Sachin Chacko

Contribution to Faculty - Emma Kenyon

Outstanding Progress - Oliver Holdsworth

Faculty award - Amy Barker

Faculty Tutee of the Year Rosie Woodward

Art and Design

Academic Excellence - Greg Greenwood

Academic Excellence - Morgan Johnson

Outstanding Progress - Robin Falkner-Wedge

Outstanding Progress - Abigail Devey

Faculty award - Anna Bruendl

Faculty Tutee of the Year - Tom Brown

Business and IT

Academic Excellence - Louisa Bastin

Faculty award - Jay Warren

English, Languages and IB

Academic Excellence - Marcie Weeks

Contribution to the Faculty - Vincent Radley and Maria Rolla

Outstanding Progress - Caralee Ingham

Faculty award - Holly Kaufman-Hill

Faculty Tutee of the Year - William Tracy-Youngs


Academic Excellence - Rosie Harwood

Contribution to Faculty - Kira Lewis

Outstanding Progress - Linus Uhlig

Outstanding Progress - Emma Webber

Faculty Tutee of the Year - Grace Zimbler

Sport, Tourism and Leisure

Academic Excellence - Caitlin Gallagher

Faculty award - Devon Jewsbury

Media and Performing Arts

Academic Excellence - Ellie-Maye Barbour-Gresham

Contribution to Faculty - Joel Munday

Outstanding Progress - Sonny Howes

Faculty award - Ella Brown

Faculty Tutee of the Year - William Jee


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