Exeter College Student James Craig to Speak at TEDx Exeter 2017

Exeter College student James Craig to speak about Hope at TEDx Exeter 2017

Date: Tuesday 18 April 2017

TEDxEXeter is back.

Exeter’s Northcott Theatre will play host to this exceptional event on Friday 21st April, back in Exeter for its 6th year. Speakers and performers will come together to talk about this year’s theme - hope.

Exeter College student James Craig to speak about Hope at TEDx Exeter 2017

Exeter College is extremely proud that 2nd year student, James Craig, will be representing the college. From Honiton, James is currently studying A Levels in Chemistry, History and Maths and has recently accepted an offer to go and study Law at Bristol University.

James is involved with the college debating club which is how he came to be submitting a draft for TEDxExeter. James said:

They came to debating, a club I’m heavily involved with, we were invited to make drafts of what we wanted to talk about and submit them. They chose their favourites and it turns out they liked mine!

This years theme is hope, James tells us he is talking about Brexit and also referencing youth involvement in politics and disengagement with politics. When asked whether he is nervous about speaking on Friday James said:

I think the key to my confidence is that I haven’t thought about it yet! I have memories of being shy but I think I have always been quite outspoken, I think I’m quite confident. I try to be anyway. It helps that I am passionate about my subject, I like to know everything about what I’m talking about. The worst thing, especially with debating, is being surprised by something!

James’ love for debating started in year 11 when he was involved in a competition in Exeter, something he references in his talk, he then went on to be involved in his school mock election and the school council, all of which have contributed to his success today.

Along with 5 other speakers, James had the chance to travel to London and rehearse his talk, he said it was useful to give each other tips.

There was a couple that were really powerful and really moving, and a couple which were really informative and interesting so it will be good to see them all. I’m excited about Friday. I step back and realise this is quite a big deal. Not many people actually get to do this kind of thing. Hopefully I will be able, if nothing else, to have a good time. You never know, in 2 years, I could be back to do it again!

Tickets for TEDxExeter sold out in 16 minutes, if you were not one of the lucky few then why not go along to a live streaming event? Click here for more information.

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