Case Studies

Lloyd Copp

Lloyd Copp: Advanced Level 3 ITP

"I am working as a data engineer at Queen Elizabeth Community College. My job role is to offer front line support to all customers within the school organization.

During my time working as an apprentice I have developed a great deal of knowledge and skills both within the role as IT technician and as part of the school. I would now say that I play a key role in ensuring the smooth running of the computers within the college.I have become very knowledgeable of the hardware and software used at the school and I am therefore able to diagnose and solve the majority of IT related issues that occur.

I have not only developed my IT related skills but also, in particular my skills in customer care I have become very confident and capable in providing first line support to all of our customers, from year 7 students to the head teacher. I enjoy ensuring that our staff and students are happy and confident in their use of IT. I have also taken on responsibility for overseeing the role of our new technology at the school; this has included the introduction of 50 new IPad's at the school. I have researched and provided staff and student training on how best to use the IPad for education.

My apprenticeship has also given me an opportunity to find out whether the IT industry is the right area of work for me. I am now fully confident that I will be able to develop my career in this area."

Chelsea Leach

Chelsea Leach: Advanced Level 3 Children's Care Learning and Development

"I work in a small community based pre-school with children aged 2-5 years, I undertake duties using the key worker approach – working with a dedicated group to assess, plan and evaluate developmental needs.

Before I started college I found it difficult to concentrate and my experience from school left me feeling a bit empty. I never believed that I would be able to achieve the level that I have, let alone secure and maintain such a responsible job. My confidence has grown and I happily bestow the virtues of work based learning and Apprenticeships to younger students.

I would never have undertaken qualifications in Maths and English after leaving school, as I believed I just "couldn't do it", however my assessor and tutor encouraged me to stick with it and I was determined to pay their loyalty back. I continued to come into college even after all other components of my framework were complete so that I could achieve my Maths level 2. I was so proud when my results showed a pass. My ambition to one day run my own nursery is no longer a dream.

My greatest personal achievement is completing something I started. The apprenticeship and advanced apprenticeship programmes showed me that I am a practical and visual learner, someone who needs to be able to do things to understand. I never knew this before. It also taught me that if someone has faith in you, then listen, I did and look at me now!!"

Chelsea Crossman

Chelsea Crossman: Clinical Healthcare Apprentice

"I joined the apprenticeship because personally I think that I am a more 'hands-on' person and after finishing my first year of college studying about the healthcare sector I realised that I actually had no real experience within the sector that I would need to get a job.

My job as an apprentice at a hospital has lived up to every expectation and more! I could not imagine working anywhere else. When I first started my job at the hospital I just thought it would be a 'normal' day to day job but it’s so much more. I get excited about going to work every single day and I always leave with a smile on my face. I thing I enjoy most at work is meeting patients and their families but also seeing them go home. I didn't realise how happy I would get from seeing them happy, it's the most rewarding job ever. It’s fun, you learn great 'hands-on experience' and you are never bored.

In the future I hope to move to the advanced apprenticeship where I am then hoping to go study at university either training to become a registered nurse or an occupational therapist.

I recently won the Apprentice of the Year award from the Faculty of Healthcare, Childcare and Public Services. When I found out that I had won the award I was really happy, I've never won anything and to win the award I did, I was ecstatic. My family and work colleagues were so happy and proud of me. I really would like to thank everyone at work and college because I wouldn't have won it without their help and knowledge."

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