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Our Mission and Policies

"To be an outstanding, dynamic and thriving college, working with partners to provide inspirational education and training for our community "

Exeter College is a professional, dynamic college with a Mission statement and Strategic plan that underpins what we do. We have a number of policies that control and guide the way we operate.

The college obtains the views of staff and students on its review and developmentof the strategic plan and mission through planned staff consultations at various levels throughout the college and through the student Learner Voice programme - for more information please contact the Clerk of Governors via email at BarbaraSweeney@exe-coll.ac.uk

Students and staff are involved in the corporation's oversight of its activities through staff and student representation on the Board of Governors - for more information please contact the Clerk of Governors.

*Exeter College Policies are currently undergoing a major review*

Policy Registry

Other Documents

Please click here for information on Freedom of Information and our Information Publication Scheme.

Please click here for information on our procurement and supplier opportunities.

If you would like to comment or make enquiries about any of our policies then please contact our Quality Team.
Telephone: (01392) 400613
Email: departmentq-quality@exe-coll.ac.uk

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