Fashion and Textiles students collaborate with National Trust

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Date: Thursday 06 February 2014

Fashion and Textiles students collaborate with National Trust in latest Killerton exhibition

'Nature of Fashion' exhibition opens 15 February to 4 November 2014

For the first time at Killerton the National Trust is collaborating with the Centre for the Creative Industries at Exeter College to present an innovative show which will include historic pieces from the Killerton collections as well as contemporary work by students and practising artists and designers.

Natural fibres have been the raw materials for some of the most glamorous clothing, costume and couture through the centuries.  Floral patterns and other designs from the plant world have also been the inspiration for designers and craftsmen.

To celebrate the use of natural fibres in fashion, and the extraordinary metamorphosis they undergo to reach the wearer, Killerton House in Devon presents the 'The Nature of Fashion' exhibition from 15 February 2014.

Colourful gowns, coats and waistcoats from the 1700s to the 1960s will be on display, many decorated using a variety of techniques with materials and motifs derived from the natural world. The exhibition will not only feature the more common natural plant and animal fibres, linen, cotton, wool and silk, but will include more unusual examples made from plant  fibres such as aloe and pineapple.

Michelle Moinzadeh, textiles tutor at Exeter College says:

"We're delighted that our textile students have got this great opportunity to work so closely with one of our important local partners supporting this major installation project.

"The students will benefit from the challenges of a live project and they are working hard to ensure their own exhibits enhance the other exhibits from local artists and designers. It will be an exciting show illustrating the links between historic and contemporary pieces and costumes."

Killerton's costume curator Shelley Tobin also comments:

“We hope that visitors will enjoy discovering the amazing and sometimes surprising stages which natural fibres go through as they have been transformed into fabulous, colourful clothing over two centuries.

"Yet, fashion is about looking forward as well as looking back, and so we are delighted that the textile students from Exeter College are designing and creating pieces inspired by some of those in the collection and which will showcase exciting up and coming talent."

'The Nature of Fashion' runs at Killerton House every day from Saturday 15 February to 4 November 2014. For further details visit or telephone 01392 881345.

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