Coronavirus (Covid-19)

COVID-19 Assurance Summer Term 2021

Exeter College is excited to continually welcome and support International students throughout this academic year despite the global pandemic. We always stay up to date on NHS recommendations for best practices and are acting in line with all government regulations.

Due to the rapidly changing environment around CV-19, this page will be reviewed termly and is correct at the time of publication. Each student’s situation will be individually assessed and acted upon accordingly.

Read our FAQs below for further information and watch the video to find out more about what it was like to study at Exeter College in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic from our international students.

If there is a local lock-down where you live or your flights, tunnel or ferry crossing are cancelled (specifically because of COVID-19) and as a result you are unable to travel to take up your studies (you must provide satisfactory evidence of this).

Exeter College will:

  • Offer you a delayed start if you are likely to travel within a few weeks
  • If you are unable to travel and join us, we will offer a full tuition fee refund.

If the UK government calls a national lock-down and therefore face to face lessons can no longer continue.

Exeter College will:

  • We will strictly adhere to all UK Government guidelines and regulations.
  • We will offer support and guidance to those wishing to stay in the UK or travel home.

*Each student’s situation would be individually assessed and acted upon depending on student and host family circumstances. We may need to find alternative accommodation.

In the unlikely event that Exeter College cannot provide the designated course or experience due to COVID-19, there will be a full tuition fee refund provided by the college.

If you or a family member test positive for CV19 before travelling to the UK for your academic studies.

Exeter College will:

  • Ask the student to adhere to the home country guidelines on isolation.
  • Ask the student to notify the college of the positive test and keep the college regularly updated with the situation.
  • Ask the student to provide proof of a negative test before travelling to the UK.

If you or a host family member test positive for CV19 whilst living and studying in the UK.

Exeter College will:

  • Ask the student and host family adhere to the UK government guidelines on isolation.
  • Ask the student and host family to continually notify the college throughout.
  • Provide daily communications with the International team.

Face-to-Face Learning

In line with the latest guidance, we have resumed face-to-face teaching for 16-19  programmes of study, whilst adhering to the measures in place across our sites to ensure that the college remains Covid secure. 

Lateral flow testing is available to all students twice weekly. If a learner has tested positive for coronavirus, please follow this step-by-step guide. Any concerns should be reported to the learner’s tutor and the International Team in the first instance. 

As is always the case, we want all students to feel safe, secure and excited about studying with Exeter College. Please see below on steps we’ve taken and our current cross-College rules in response to Coronavirus.   

Attending College

In line with the Department for Education guidance, we expect all other learners to attend unless they are self-isolating due to Covid or are otherwise unwell. Where this is the case, we will support learners for the period of isolation by sending work home at least weekly. Lessons will only be delivered online in officially recognised ‘FLIP’ days. ‘FLIP’ days are online learning days designated by the college during the academic year.  

Travel to College 

We have worked closely with Devon County Council and local travel operators to allow for social distancing on bus and rail services for travel to and from college, by increasing the number of buses available on popular routes and supplying dedicated coaches on train routes.   

This extra capacity will work with our Travel Scheme to ensure students can travel to and from college safely and comfortably. For more information click here.  

Distancing in the classroom 

You should keep your distance from your peers and teachers in the classroom. Masks are now optional but please respect others.  

To help us to support the NHS Test and Trace system if it were needed, your teacher will ask you to stay in your usual seat once you have settled in your classes this year. Classroom layouts have been adapted to adhere to the official guidance on seating plans. 

Expectations at College

1. Stay home if you are unwell. 

If you are feeling unwell and presenting any symptoms of Coronavirus (high temperature, a continuous cough or a change in your sense of smell or taste) you should stay at home. If you start to feel unwell during the day you should inform a member of staff immediately and we will ensure you get home safely.

2. Wash your hands often.

This means washing your hands much more often than you ordinarily would. This should include washing your hands when you arrive to College, before eating, after going to the toilet and as you leave the College. You should also try to wash your hands before touching your face. 

3. Masks are optional but please respect others.

When indoors, including communal spaces and the classroom, it is now up to you to decide whether you would like to wear a mask. Please be considerate of others.

4. Give staff, adults and vulnerable people space.

Give staff, adults and vulnerable people space. Be especially cautious when near those who are wearing yellow and black lanyards to indicate they’re especially vulnerable. You should respect their space and ensure not to get close to them under any circumstances.