Caring Careers Unlocked

Are you ready to make a difference and launch your future in a life long, rewarding career?

Caring Careers Unlocked is a four week programme offering you two pathways where you will develop care certificate knowledge, employability skills and personal and professional development opportunities.

It is the perfect stepping stone into a lifelong career in the Health and Social Care sector.

You do not need an employer to start on this course, all you need is commitment and a desire to learn and develop.

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Caring Careers Unlocked

What’s included?

What is HSSAP?

The Health and Social Care Skills Accelerator Programme (‘HSSAP’) brings together a consortium of NHS Trust and Social Care Employers, FE and Training Provider Partners and Local Authority Partners within the Heart of the South West Transition Area to bring forward an enhanced programme of sector specific skills and training activity.

This qualification is funded by the ESF and a consortium of NHS Trusts and social care employers within the heart of the South West LEP as part of the HSSAP.

Contact Us

You can find out more about this programme by emailing Project Coordinator Ella Hymans on or call 01392 400800

Find out more about Caring Careers Unlocked by listening to our podcast. 

This is the first podcast in our caring careers unlocked series, introducing you to our new health and social care accelerator programme. This episode will explore the course and give you an insight into potential career pathways.