This was filmed during COVID restrictions and the Nursery will look different as normality resumes.

The Sunbeams Room

for babies from 3 months to 2 years

The room for our youngest children is spacious homely and welcoming, with a soft sensory area, easy access to toys and books. The room is designed so that the children have room to investigate and discover, be active and relax.

The room is light and airy and the babies can see outside. The babies also have a separate garden area that is fenced off from the rest of the garden so they can play and explore in safety.

The Rainbows Room

for pre-schoolers from 3-5 years

The 3-5’s room is designed to facilitate self chosen activity so that the children can combine toys and resources to discover and learn all they can about their current interests and ideas. They have access to a computer with age appropriate software and programs. They have free flow access to the garden throughout the day. There is a quiet area to relax in and to look at books, a role play area where children can play out different scenarios and favourite themes, for example going to the shops, the garden centre or the hairdressers and of course there is access to messy and creative play.

The Raindrop Room 

for toddlers from 2-3 years

The toddler room is designed to accommodate the interests of two year olds, lots of home corner play, making cups of tea, feeding baby dolls, being firemen and policemen etc. The children have access to messy play, painting, sand and water play, all things two year olds love.

Our Staff

The caring team of nursery practitioners working with the children and parents vary in age and are qualified well above the regulations set out in the Statutory Safeguarding and Welfare Guidelines in the Early Years Foundation Stage 2012.

The nursery follows safe recruitment procedures ensuring that all prospective employees are interviewed, references taken up and CRB checks carried out prior to employment.

The curriculum 

The children encounter an engaging curriculum planned by experienced staff that covers all areas of learning, which includes quiet times for reflection and rest and time for consolidation of new skills. Children are offered a variety of activities including, messy play, cooking, play dough, painting, imaginary play, outdoor play, den building, physical play, music and song activities, story times, construction toys, visits out in the local and wider community and much more.

The staff work closely with parents to ensure the individual needs of each child are met. We consult parents about their child’s routine preferences, likes and dislikes. Each child is allocated a key worker. This member of staff will take a particular interest in the child and will help him/her to settle into nursery life. They monitor the child’s development and ensure that the nursery offers activities tailored to each child’s individual needs and interests.

Further Information

For further information please contact Sarah Edge, Nursery Manager on 01392 400534 or email