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Lord Adonis Speech

Date: 13/12/2012

The systematic creation of new and better apprenticeships, including the commitment of the public sector, was cited as one of the key pillars of a fundamentally better economy and better society by Andrew Adonis, labour peer and former education minister and transport secretary in a visit to a Devon further education college last week.

Lord Adonis – noted for his controversial support for Michael Gove and academies – was opening Exeter College's new £8.5million pound Technology Centre in front of business and education partners as well as staff and students and he was critical of the role the public sector and his own former department had played in supporting aspirations of young people.

"We will not crack this problem of the underperformance of our youngsters, really serious youth unemployment, big problems of youngsters not getting the jobs and not developing the skills they need unless we systematically create a strong apprentice route in both the private and public sector." Noting that many of the worst offenders in creating apprenticeships are in the public sector, he used his former Department of Education as an example saying "it is not acceptable that out of a headquarters staff of several thousands there are only 14 apprentices with only 3 under the age of 21".

Lord Adonis with students Praising the transformational partnerships between employers and education that the Technology Centre in Exeter College was supporting he went on to say "We need to change and we need all our major employers to take part. But that will only happen if we have opportunities for them, and partnerships with training providers such as the outstanding college in Exeter, that make it much easier than in the past for employers to create apprenticeships and where they can see a clear and early return in terms of the skills of the young people being translated into productive work in a job. "Describing the new facility as a meeting point between employers and education Adonis went on to note that not only was the college creating huge opportunities for young people through the new centre but was also part of a "national move to completely re-engage in a new way employers as a whole with the education system and the youth of the country."

"This completely new centre symbolizes all we need to do in our national economy if we are going to keep up with the Chinese, these huge and dynamic emerging markets and this great global competition. This sums up all that is brilliant in developments in modern further education, modern business leadership in terms of helping to generate skills and aspirations for young people."

Lord Adonis with students Lord Adonis joined business leaders and representatives of employers in the local area for a tour of the state-of the art building located in the east of the city where facilities include light vehicle, MOT and HGV workshops, machine shop, diagnostics and computer aided design labs and IT suites.

Lord Adonis and Richard Atkins The impact of the centre's location was also heralded as important in linking the education and business community with its key position noted by Richard Atkins, principal of the college as"where the future of Exeter is in business terms, with the Growth Point, Science Park and Skypark developments".

Atkins, who is also a Commissioner on the Commission for Adult and Vocational Teaching and Learning noted that the country's leading skills and trainings centres, such as the Rolls Royce centre in Derby provide industrial standard training facilities and suggested that young people and adults were best motivated by dual qualified staff, by facilities that mirrored the highest industry standards and by real work and real challenges "With staff who are experienced and qualified in their own trades as well as in teaching, it feels like the real world of work and when you talk about the challenge of motivating young people and adults, facilities of this kind are going to make a real difference."

Concluding his spirited talk before talking to students around the centre Adonis noted"What you are doing here, if we replicate it in community by community, nationwide will lead to a much better, more successful, more prosperous and more socially cohesive society."
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Students on Space Hoppers

Date: 30/11/2012

Students across the city's college started their days this week with free porridge and got the chance to get involved in fitness programmes, fun competitions and health screening as part of the annual Health and Wellbeing Week organised by the student welfare team.

The week, aimed at focussing attention on healthy diets, active lifestyles and sexual health was part of a college wide programme throughout the year ensuring students and staff understand the healthy alternatives and support available.

"This is one of many themed weeks we have at the college," said Nick Bridge, health and wellbeing manager at the college, "Throughout the week there were a range of activities and events designed to get students involved, many of them being led by students and teacher specialists. Hair and Beauty students offered complimentary treatments throughout the week, Hospitality and Catering students got the chance to show off their skills with very popular free smoothies, and Sport students offered a range of health and fitness screenings, designed to alert students and staff to how they could improve their health. We're not just concentrating on the traditional healthy subjects such as diet and smoking but are encouraging students to think about their mental health and wider lifestyle choices so we had sessions on body combat, mixed martial arts and yoga."

Students also got the chance to talk to the experts from the community with sessions from NHS Blood and Transplant unit, DCC Environmental health to advise on safe piercing and tattooing and staff from the Balloons organisation offering bereavement advice.

Student with Porridge Starting with free porridge, yoghurt and fruit from the student cafes, the students were given loyalty cards designed to encourage them to take part in the wide range of healthy activities.  

A Level student Hugo Hannaford, 17, from Holsworthy said, "The best thing about this week is getting free porridge for breakfast every morning! It has been a really fun week and it has got the message across without being too serious, which is good".

And it wasn't just the teenagers and adult learners who got the 'get healthy' treatment in the week since the college's nursery also joined in with their own version of special exercise sessions plus healthy fruits quiz.

"We pride ourselves on the support we give students" said Nick, "We were awarded Healthy College status last year and won an award for our Young People Friendly services by the NHS this term and this dedicated week for promoting health and well-being is just one of the ways we work to ensure students know about choices and the support on offer."  Read more »

TES Awards

Date: 16/11/2012

It's official, Exeter College is the leading further education college in the country after winning Outstanding Provider of the Year and Outstanding Leadership of Learning and Skills Awards at the prestigious Times Educational Supplement FE Awards yesterday.  Read more »

Students outside College

Date: 16/11/2012

Over 50 dedicated students set off for destinations across Exeter, the south west and further afield raising funds for NSPCC during the Exeter College Jailbreak 2012.

Contestants dressed as animals, superheroes, film characters and fairies were all trying to travel as far away from the college as possible without spending a penny of their own money.  Organised into registered teams and armed with collection buckets, the students from across the college were keen to beat last year's record destination of London.

"Each year the students choose a charity that we support throughout the year", said Sarah Davies, Learner Engagement Officer for the college, "and the Jailbreak is just one of the ways the students raise awareness and money.  This year they've chosen NSPCC and we're delighted that they've raised over £600 from the Jailbreak event that will help support the charity as they work with vulnerable children and young people at risk."

Many of the groups had spent hours planning their routes and costumes which were designed to create an impact in the city encouraging visitors and shoppers to fill the students' collections boxes.  All the students had gained sponsorship from family, friends and classmates for the worthwhile cause.  

Setting off at 9.30am many of the students headed for the train and bus network – all of whom had been prewarned of the charity event.  The winning team was a group of students disguised as Men in Black who made it to Portsmouth. Other teams included a group of JRR Tolkein's Lord of the Rings characters  who, similar to the film and book characters, had a challenging journey of their own texting messages during the day back to the college such as "Fellowship infiltrating Mordor – making our way back to Barstaple from Appledore" with a final text as they approached the college "Ring destroyed, coming back to Exeter now"

Seeing the students off at the beginning of the event was from Donna Statham from the NSPCC. "NSPCC is delighted that the college has chosen us to be their charity of the year.  It was great to see so many young people taking part in the jail break - they look amazing!"
"It was good to be able to travel to places we hadn't been to before" said Marcus Savage, 17, from Exmouth, "but a real challenge to travel for free!"  "I really enjoyed raising money for the NSPCC" said Charlotte Rupp, 16 from Exeter.  Congratulations to the team that got as far as Portsmouth."
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Shachar with medal

Date: 14/11/2012

Exeter College power lifter Shachar Head was relieved to be back on British soil and reflecting on an eventful week in Boston, Massachusetts, USA which saw her break three "teenage 2" world powerlifting records and then make a hasty Sunday morning departure to escape the worst ravages of Superstorm Sandy which caused huge devastation along the Eastern Seaboard.  Read more »

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