Exeter College Named Best in the Country for the Second Year in a Row

Exeter College news article

Date: Friday 17 November 2017

Exeter College has, for a second consecutive year, been placed at the top in an annual league table of colleges published by FE Week, a leading publication focused on the further education sector. 

The table was compiled using a points based system, with points awarded against a number of key criteria published by the Department for Education (DfE). The index included scores for learner and employer satisfaction, as well as taking into account information about young and adult learners’ progression, post-college.

“I am delighted that for a second year in a row Exeter College has been ranked as the best college in the country.

“Our success is not down to luck. We have amazing students, great partners, committed employers, exceptional staff and astute governors. I would like to thank everyone who is either involved with or connected with Exeter College for their engagement and support!” said Exeter College Principal and Chief Executive, John Laramy

Exeter College was placed at the top of the table which included over 200 further education colleges. 

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