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Date: Friday 01 March 2019

WHAM - Wellbeing Health Activity and Motivation

We surveyed 500 of our students and asked them exactly what they wanted. They asked for WHAM – an online and offline service that offers all things health and wellbeing.


Short, punchy blog posts that consists of a short video, text, trendy graphic design and signposting links to the best services in mental and physical health.

WHAM Podcast

Student, staff and expert interviews covering real stories around mental and physical health. These are long-form conversations where we ask burning questions like…

“How do you actually improve your mental health?”

WHAM drop in service

We offer friendly advice, support and referrals to the best external services. Students can access the wellbeing drop in service any time in college hours.


All about promoting WHAM so that more young people can access our services. Breaking down stigma and encouraging each other to talk – we all have a mind, we all have mental health.

Next large event: You’ve Got This!

Come along and try your hand at some activities that have been tried and tested, promoting wellbeing and mindfulness. Hand Painting, Mandala Colouring, Paper Crane Making, Journaling and more!

15TH MARCH 2019 10:00 - 13:00 Tower Foye, Hele Road. For all students.

Engagement since September 2018

Our WHAM portal page has had over 6000 visits.

We have engaged over 7000 students via tutorials, WHAM focus groups and inspiring talks that have included practical wellbeing tips as well as some full-blown drum solos!

WHAM groups

Students and staff are always welcome to attend WHAM focus groups – Hearing what students and staff have to say is what makes WHAM work so well!

And lots more!

All this information is accessible via the student portal.

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