Writers Workshop - Nature in Writing
This course is for people aged 19 or over
Faculty of Professional and Adult Learning
Level Location Start Date End Date Day Time Fee Reduced Ask Apply
Leisure The Mint Methodist Church 01-Oct-19 15-Oct-19 Tuesday 12:30 - 14:30 £56 £29

What is it like to study this course and how will I be assessed?

This course is designed for those who have an interest in writing and in how nature has been used as a subject. This is set over a 3 week period and there will be self, peer and tutor assessment for the work you produce on an informal basis. Each week you will look at a different aspect of Nature and use it in your writing. Homework will be produced and shared in class.

What topics will I study?

  • Week 1 – Nature and Natural Settings. How we define nature and how the setting of a scene or story may affect reader interpretation.
  • Week 2 – The Seasons. To think about how the examination of seasons in writing might apply to more than just the change in scenery. To think in terms of emotional response and metaphorical detail.
  • Week 3 – Nature as Other. Exploration of nature as foreign, to consider development of tone and style. You will think about how you examine the world around you and as a tool in writing how it can add different layers to your expression.


What are the entry requirements?

An interest in writing, an an awareness of the variety of nature – an interest in discussing ideas and sharing thoughts.

What facilities are there?

Learners will be given a college ID badge and have access to all college facilities, including learning centres and computers. 

What can the course lead on to?

There are various creative writing courses you may be interested in following this one – check the college website for details.

Are there any additional costs?


It is important that you apply and pay for your course at least one week before the course starts to ensure that you will have access to all the facilities and resources in your first week.
Please be aware that there are no car parking facilities at Exeter College city centre sites, but public car parks are available across the city.

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