Healthcare Support Worker - Intermediate Apprenticeship
Faculty of Healthcare, Childcare and Public Services
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Healthcare, Childcare and Public Services Level 2 Hele Building Up to 2 years

What is it like to study this course and how will I be assessed?

This framework aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to become competent in supporting Health Professionals (e.g. Doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, healthcare scientists) to provide clinical healthcare.  Various clinical healthcare support roles work alongside Health Professionals to provide patient care in a range of settings.  Designed as a work-based programme this framework includes qualifications at QCF Level 2.

Clinical healthcare support workers/healthcare assistants provide vital assistance to healthcare professionals in diagnosing, treating and caring for patients, they work in a variety of healthcare settings, depending upon their role, including:

  • a specific hospital department (e.g. therapy)
  • a community clinic or health centre
  • patients’ homes
  • care homes
  • a hospital labour or maternity ward
  • a community delivery suite
  • a laboratory
  • a hospital neonatal or postnatal unit or clinic
  • a GP clinic

What topics will I study?

Level 2 Diploma in Clinical Healthcare Support (QCF)
Level 2 Award in Employment and Personal Learning Skills in Health (QCF)
Functional Skills (maths and English unless exempt)
Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

As a guide, clinical duties at level 2 may include:

  • generally assisting with patients’ overall comfort and wellbeing
  • assisting healthcare professionals with clinical tasks
  • monitoring patients’ conditions e.g. taking temperatures, pulse, respiration's & weight
  • helping people to mobilise
  • washing and dressing
  • feeding
  • toileting
  • bed making

What experiences will I get?

You will be employed in the sector and will be gaining on the job knowledge and experience.

What are the entry requirements?

Every employer is different and therefore the entry requirements can vary. As a guide you ideally need GCSE grade 4 or above in English and maths and in some cases ICT, however, we will work with you and provide additional support in order to help you achieve the functional skills element or GCSE requirements of the Apprenticeship. Support can be delivered either prior to your Apprenticeship via a traineeship or during the delivery of your programme.
You need patience, understanding, and a strong desier to work with people and good communication skills. You will be required to complete an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check for your employer.

What facilities are there?

You will have access to a Learning Centre and there is a refectory in the Hele Building.

What can the course lead on to?

On successful completion of the Intermediate Apprenticeship you can then progress on to the Advanced Apprenticeship in Clinical Healthcare Support subject to having employment and working in an appropriate role. This course provides an excellent way to build your career in the sector and after this you could then progress onto further management training.

Are there any additional costs?

You may incur some costs. For example, text books required for the course.

What support can I get?

You will have a dedicated Skills Officer who you can contact at any time. They will visit you in the workplace every 10 weeks to carry out a progress review with you and your employer. They will also carry out observations in the workplace.

What will this training cost me?

This can vary depending on the age of the Apprentice and the size of an organisation. Please contact a Training and Recruitment Advisor on 01392 400800 for more information.

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