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Equality and Diversity Policy

To ensure that we address any sort of unfairness in the college, we have an Equality and Diversity policy. This explains our values are describes what behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable. The goal is to eliminate unfair discrimination.

The policy sets out our general commitment to equality and diversity based on the seven protected characteristics. Protected characteristics are ones we can all relate to. It’s not about writing a policy which only helps certain minorities but about helping everyone to get the highest standards of equality.

The Equality and Diversity policy explains that there are rights and responsibilities for every member of the college. Everyone has a right to fair and dignified treatment and no-one should experience discrimination or harassment. The contribution of everyone will be valued and everyone will be treated purely on their merits. But the college is made up of people, so this only works if everyone accepts their responsibility to act fairly within the policy and the law. Every member of staff has an obligation to ensure fair and dignified treatment.

A good policy which everyone helps to implement, will uphold all sorts of good practice in the college such as:

  • a teaching and learning environment conducive to all
  • fair treatment for all applicants
  • help everyone give their best
  • disseminate our good practice to others with whom we have contact e.g. contractors, work placement employers
  • make the best possible use of our existing workforce
  • foster good relationships between different groups
  • maintain good employment practices
  • encourage good staff morale
  • attract, develop and retain the best quality staff
  • avoid unlawful discrimination

Click here for the our Equality and Diversity Policy.

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