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The Student Representative Comittee

The SRC (Student Representative Committee) is the voice of Exeter College students. We are a group of students paid to represent all of us on major decisions made by the college, attend open days and events and, to be the public face of Exeter college students. We meet regularly and have a lot of fun!

  • Who are we?

    We are a group of 22 students chosen by the college to represent the voice of all college students

    We are made up of the following people:

    • SRC governors (A paid job!)
    • The SRC 10 (A paid job!)
    • SRC reps (reward scheme)

    SRC Governors

    This job is filled by two students representing two groups of college students:

    • 16-18 student governor
    • 19+ student governor

    Both roles have the priviledged position of sitting on the college's board of governors. These people will be highly motivated and committed to making sure the student voice is heard by the college's management.

    The SRC 10!

    This role is held by 10 students and is also a paid position within the SRC. The SRC 10 are responsible for attending all of the following events:

    • Learner voice meetings
    • Open Evenings
    • Enrolment
    • Freshers week
    • Interview days
    • Jailbreak/Pride
    • Any other festivals/events as they arise!

    SRC Reps

    These 10 students will be responsible for attending SRC meetings. They will have the ability to vote on major decisions made at the SRC and will have the opportunity to also attend the events attended by the SRC 10.

    These students will accrue reward points for events attended and can use their points to claim awesome rewards at the end of the college year!

  • What do we do?

    The SRC meets fortnightly to vote on issues facing the college, to plan major events and to discuss things we are passionate about.

    As we are the voice of Exeter College students, we like to make sure as many different students are represented as possible. The SRC has people working in the following areas:

    • LGBT
    • Gender Equality
    • Race
    • Pregnancy and Maternity
    • Religion
    • Age
    • Disability

    The SRC works hard at planning different events throughout the college year. This might be things like giving away freebies to raise awareness for issues such as mental health awareness, or selling cakes to raise money for charity, or some of the bigger events like PRIDE or Jailbreak. Some of the highlights of events we run include S.H.A.G week, Financial awareness week, Fairtrade fortnight and Anti Bullying week.

    College Charity of the Year

    One of the bigger responsibilities of the SRC is running the college's charity of the year. From deciding who to support for the year all the way through to fundraising, we make sure our chosen charity get's lots of lovely money! This year we chose the national charity 'Make-A-Wish UK and managed to raise just over £7000 for them!

  • How can I get involved?

    Getting involved is easy!

    First you will need to speak to your tutor about becoming a tutor rep on the learner voice. The SRC gets its team from this pool of students. Once all tutor reps have been selected , the SRC will get in touch with those reps and offer them the chance to apply for the positions within the SRC.

    If you would like help with speaking to your tutor about being a tutor rep or would like to know anything else about the SRC you can speak to the SRC's learner engagement officers: Megan Snell.

  • SRC and the College Charity

    The Student Representative Committee (SRC) continues to work tirelessly to promote the voice of the students, through representation on the Board of Governors, SRC meetings, the Learner Voice, and student groups such as; LGBT Club and the Sustainability group.

    In addition, they are fantastic ambassadors at various open evenings and College events. They have run and been heavily involved with various national and College campaigns, whether it be; World Mental Health day, running a healthy meal cooking demonstration and offering free healthy breakfast and lunch choices as part of Health and Wellbeing month, hosting a coffee morning for LGBT history month, helping to raise financial awareness, promoting the Fairtrade campaign or leading fundraising for the College charity.

    The College charity this year is Devon Air Ambulance. Students across the College have been coming up with inventive fundraising schemes such as cycle challenges, Christmas fairs, pool competitions, as well as traditional cake sales and the annual Festival of Carols

  • What's coming up for students at the college?

    The SRC will be working closely with the College over the next couple of months to put on a range of events and activities. Events will include; helping students to register and understand the voting process for the general election and Stress Management Month which will include exam guidance, mindfulness taster sessions to improve mental wellbeing and events linked to understanding mental health.

    The Colleges Enrichment programme continues to develop with new projects being introduced. Enrichment gives students at Exeter College aged 16-19 the opportunity to test out new hobbies, get a skill or qualification and to make new friends! Enrichment enhances the core programme of learning at the College and helps students enjoy and achieve and make a positive contribution. Exeter College Volunteers (ECV) is a new programme to support students to volunteer; by helping students find placements that are right for them, supporting them throughout their placement and providing them with progression and employability guidance.

Futher Information

To find out more about the SRC please contact Megan Snell via email at or phone 01392 400302.

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